Friday the 13th Strikes!

I really don’t believe in all that tripe about superstition, luck and all that jazz – however today it seems both Gemma and i have had a case of Friday the 13th Syndrome! First the dog decided to walk shit in the house, then to top that off my fucking projector is on the blink. […]

Ranting Scams

419 Scam Email – $35,000,000,000,000 For FREE!

I have my email set up quite strange, i have gmail accounts through google apps, all feeding to one central gmail account. This means i have spam filter in place at more than one level, which means i hardly get any spam at all now. This is brill – however i no longer get the […]

Ranting Weblog Work/Technical

Twittersquatting is the new Cybersquatting

Im getting sick to the fucking back teef of trying to register twitter accounts for my personal and business use – and some fucking drongo has already snapped them up. For example, @olly is registered and not used, @adidas is registered and not used, @ol is registered and not used. Need i go on? I […]

Ranting Weblog

Photo of my Osgood Schlatters Disease

My osgood schlatters disease is a really hard thing to¬† photograph and you really cant see the full extent of it until you actually look at my knee, but i thought id share this with the world anyway. You can clearly see the knee closest to the camera has a large bump on it, that […]