Another day, another scam. This time my father was on the receiving end of it, and I actually tried to deal with this correctly via way of an official complaint. But, this was thrown back in my face so – i’ve been forced to approach this slightly differently. NEW DAY CARDS New Day Ltd I […]

123 Reg – Online Experts?

Wooow. Honestly, this blew my tiny mind. Ok, so I had a customer who uses 123-Reg’s super duper website builder CMS thingy. All good, right? Hmm… So they had the eCommerce bolt-on and ran their online store from this “CMS” that was provided by the dodgiest URL ive ever seen in my life; Like, […]

Chill the hell out about “Your Data”

Every single day I hear a news report about how some new app is stealin your interwebz or how some new “thing” poses a danger to information stored about you on the web, and within offline systems like the NHS. This morning on the radio they were talking about a new scheme that the NHS are starting to roll out […]