SCAM Web Hosting Invoice – Nash Digital Ltd – Easy Digital Solutions

A client of mine reached out as he received a Web Hosting invoice, and wasnt sure what it related to. We have hosted his websites for about 15 years, and he doesn’t have any other websites – so he was quite puzzled to receive what looked like a legitimate invoice;

I reached out to them on his behalf, and didnt get a response. So I looked into the company in the header (Easy Digital Solutions / and also the company listed against the payment info (Nash Digital Ltd) and neither of them appear to be legitimate businesses.

Easy Digital Solutions

Company Status: No ltd company linked to that name.

Website: Website URL re3solves 403 error page.

Verdict: Scam

Nash Digital Ltd

Company Status: Seems to be an active limited company behind this name, Ben Nash and Jack Ernest Nash are directors (Jack seems to have left the company recently)

Website: .CO.UK domain goes to a generic landing page, so, no active website.

Verdict: Scam

So if you receive an invoice from one of these companies DO NOT PAY IT unless you are 100% confident that these people have provided you with hosting or other web services.

And if you are unsure, comment below and ill make contact with you and help you check your website and ensure you are OK to ignore the invoice.

Stay scam wise, peeps!

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