Ok, so way back in 2001 I registered www.0lly.co.uk and began publishing blogs and stuff about my life in around 2003. There were no proper social networks back then, so I shared the link to my friends and used blog directories to try and drive traffic to my content.

I always struggled with inspiration for posts, but I did often blog about scams and tech related stories. I have also covered Chocolate Milk ReviewsThe Madeleine Mccann Conspiracy, Prison Break and other topics that were relevant to my life at the time.

Then there was a huge lull – I barely visited the blog as I had started a business and a family and I didnt have time for blogging.

It wasn’t until the end of 2014 when I turned my attention to mostly covering scams, scammers and dodgy websites and companies when I found myself actively blogging once again. Initially I trawled my spam folder in gmail and blogged about the 419 scams people had tried to send me. Then I covered a few stories that I had seen floating about the web, and then covered some stuff that had happened to me…

In 2015 it all blew up.

Some of posts gathered some serious momentum, and my domain began to outrank other news outlets and blogs and suddenly the little blog I had run for 15 years was starting to attract new visitors, lawsuits and a lot of attention from the outside world.

If you have a scam story you would like me to expose, or if you have info to back-up a story I have already published then please contact me 🙂

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Thanks for your support over the years! 

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