Commercial Support Services – Spam Calls to Register My Commercial Meter?

I have moved my business premises again, and in order to inform customers, friends and colleagues alike – I did a blog post about it on my company website. Additionally, I posted a link to the article on my business social media. I did all this for two reasons;

  1. I did it to inform people, and keep my business blog and socials up to date
  2. I also did it because that’s also what we did when we moved into an older office of ours, and it was at that point we got targeted by “sales brokers” for commercial energy.

It’s like they scour Twitter and stuff for “moved office” and things like that… Anyway, I posted it all and then got on with my life…

A day or so later, I got this email from my PA service;

Oh deary deary me.

I called them, obviously, and I got the SAME spiel as I did when I first made contact with the broker last time.

  • Emergency rates
  • Not on the best pricing
  • bla bla

I didnt give them ANY meter references, I didnt even confirm my exact location and yet they were able to magically find my meter and told me they were able to save me money. The chap I spoke to (forget his name, but he was a cocky shitbag) could only go over gas and not electricity, but we can only assume where the conversation would have gone if I had continued to feed them fase info.

Now, I am not suggesting they are SCAMMERS as such, but like we have covered before in other (currently deleted) blog posts, its their wording, approach and sales tactics that are scummy. They scour the web for anyone moving a commercial business and jump on them to try and hopefully catch someone off guard and steal the energy contract over to one of their mates energy businesses.

My advice to you if you have been contacted by someone like this is do your OWN homework, look these businesses up, do they look legitimate? Do their websites look legitimate? google their business name and check reviews;

Tip: Often these kind of shady brokers use really generic names, so that when you search for them you dont find anything. EG Commercial Support Services is so generic, and searching for that on its own doesn’t find anything bad – but if you wrap it in speech marks and add SCAM or SPAM to the end of the search query, you find lots;

And as always, be scam wise! Be on guard!

If you havent expected the call, then assume they are up to no good and hang up.

There is no meter registration department, commercial energy works pretty much the same as domestic and when you move house you dont take a contract off the first scam call you get in your new home, do you?

Please comment below if you have got anything like this yourselves.

Share this article with your connections so they know not to fall victim to these scummers.

One reply on “Commercial Support Services – Spam Calls to Register My Commercial Meter?”

Sounds like a continuation of the scam by Lee Qualter/Lee Goulding companies, who are based in Fleetwood. Sounds like nothings changed in years gone by, what you describe is identical to what happened the first time round?

Sadly can’t mention Qualter’s “mates” (at the moment) by name for ‘legal reasons’ – but Googling “lee qualter blackpool gazette” does tell you he’s on trial with 3 other individuals for allegedly selling fraudulent energy contracts……

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