GOOD-NEWS SIR; Your Fund Transfer Notification!

GUYS! I R NOW MILLIONAIRE! Haha… ok maybe not. But this scammer would have me believe I am.

Not had one of these for YEARS!

European /African Union International payment Processing Department (EAU)
From The Desk of Dr.Ernest Addison
President African Union Ghana Annex
12/15 Distress Thorpe Accra Ghana.


Attention Beneficiary.


This is to inform you about the new development that will bring to the successful transfer of your long overdue funds payment Value Twenty Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($20.5Million Dollars). We have finalized every arrangement with an Accredited Financial consultant attached to FIRST SUN-SET BANK in the USA. And with her own arrangement with her (FSB),the Bank has accepted the funds and the deposit has been made into the Bank Escrow account pending when the funds transfer will be finalized upon your response.


The agreement was all about how the funds will be transferred into your account through ONLINE BANKING to avoid stoppage.So the funds will be transferred into your account as an investment fund that is being originated from the bank.
The said funds have already been backed up by the Bank (FSB) that will allow your own Bank to accept the funds without any hitch, this is the only way the funds can be transferred ONLINE BANKING to you successfully.


This arrangement is because if the funds are being transferred as a contract payment, a lot of documents may be required which may cause a lot of issues arising on the legality of the contract.This decision was made by her based on her experience about funds transfer transactions.


So on your acceptance and readiness to the procedure arrangements, you are advised to contact the Financial Consultant on her personal email below to provide you with the information of the contact person in-charge of your funds transfer for further directives.


Below is the information of the Financial Consultant contact:

Contact person; Miss.Jenifer George
Email contact;

Always get back to me for further instructions to avoid mistakes.


Yours in Service,

Dr.Ernest Addison
President African Union (EAU)
International payment Processing Department.


Needless to say, this is a SCAM.

But I replied anyway 😛

More on this one soon….

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