Trademark registration SCAM – IPR Protection – EU Brand Protection HOAX

Times are hard right now for many people, and most of us are working together to get through the tough times – however, there are always individuals and/or organisations that set out to make a quick buck at the expense of others. One of those organisations is IPR Protection aka EU Brand Protection.

Dear Sir/Madam, Yesterday we received an application for the trademark registration of. This application was not filed by you or your company, but by a third party, as we observed from the application forms. During our screening, we noticed that you have a similar company name, but in a different sector. Given the fact that your company was the first to be registered, you have the first option of registering this brand name. If you would rather not have the other party use this brand name, please let us know. In that case, you can register the trademark for yourself. If you want to register the trademark in the UK, the costs are £550.00 excluding VAT. Your registration will be processed within 24 hours. An European (£1249.00) or international registration (£1775.00) is also available. Please let me know within three business days whether you wish to make use of this offer. If you do not respond or are not interested, we will approve the other party's application, which means that they will obtain the trademark rights to . Kind regards, Jack Walsh IPR Protection

I am inherently skeptical about these things, so I went to Google to see if anyone had flagged this company as being sketchy – and sure enough, they have. Not only are there other websites claiming these are scams but also their company name is so generic its classed as a keyword when searching – and not a business name – which means you can’t actually find the 5 star Google reviews they claim to have (but for some reason do not link to from their website?)

They do have a Trustpilot if you search hard enough – not particularly glowing reviews, eh!

The website is a free template, and is also used on their sister website, there is ZERO mention of an official company name, no terms and conditions, no privacy policy, and these staff photos are so obviously generated by AI. its unreal;

I found a company on companies house called IPR Protection Ltd that is owned by a lady called Dayle Lindsey Adams – she also seems to own other random companies from a business card app service, an aesthetics company and some other stuff. All look a bit naff to be honest, like she had a bunch of ideas and just threw some money at them.

She also makes no attempt to hide her ties to all her companies as you can see in the screenshots above. Perhaps she never thought she would be investigated by someone like myself. Schoolgirl error though, Dayle.

IPR managed to scam over £30,000 out of people in 2021, their 2022 accounts havent been submitted yet but I’ll update this article when they come out so we can see how much money they have scammed from people in 2022.

I reached out to Dayle for comment, via two of her businesses – but havent had a response. If you or an associate of yours is reading this, Dayle, please contact me or add a comment below to add your side of the story. I do think it would be wise for you to stop being a scumbag and stop misleading businesses into spending money with you, though. I’d hate for your scammy ways to infect your other business ventures – as despite looking naff, they dont look to be a scam.

So if you are contacted by IPR Protection or EU Brand Protection then report as PHISHING or SPAM within your email system. My email was from Jack Walsh who appears to be a fake name too, but they may use other names too.

Please comment below if you have received an email from these cowboys, please include any names if they differ from the person I was apparently emailed from – as this will help others find this post and avoid being scammed.

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