UK TV Licensing Scam – “You’ve just 1 days left to renew your TV Licence”

Well this was a new one! I heard a ping from my phone and spotted an email about a TV licence – I rolled my eyes and opened it as I dont actually pay for one due to not recieving any live TV or even having an aerial plugged into any of my TV’s, so thought they were trying to trick me into buying a licence – when suddenly, I spotted a few red flags.


Your TV Licence Service could not be automatically renewed*

You've just 1 days left to renew your TV Licence.*

Your licence covers you to watch or record live TV programmes on any channel or device, and to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer until the end of 5/3/2023 9:01:35 AM.*

Just remember to keep your licence payments up to date, to make sure you stay licensed.*

When: 5/3/2023 9:01:35 AM Greenwich Time
Customer : 0525270810476

Renew now / Update - your TV Licensing ™


*This email was sent from a notification-only address that can’t accept incoming email. Please don’t reply to this message

  1. The date format is wrong, it should read 3/5/2023 for it to be correct in the UK
  2. The email address is wrong, that domain goes to a fresh install of WP and not the TV licence website
  3. The “renew now” link goes to some random hosted file on a hacked leather website
  4. The final bit was the clever/sneaky bit about not being able to reply to that email – it sounds legit but also means you wouldn’t try and reply to the email as then you would see the sender address was incorrect.

I have informed the hacked website they have been hacked, and I have reported the email as a phishing email to Google – please dont click on any links in emails you receive like this and if you are unsure please comment below or reach out to me on twitter and I will help you work out if its legit or not.

Google food;

Ref : [10525279] You’ve just 1 days left to renew your TV Licence. / Ref : [1052528] / 5/3/2023 9:01:35 AM

TV Licence Scam

TV Licencing Scam

TV Licensing Scam

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