Great! Your shipment is on it’s way – eBay Scam Emails!

BE CAREFUL everyone – the scammers are ON ONE at the moment. I have received about 5 emails this week from spoofed/misspelled domains claiming I owe them money, and then this sucker landed in my inbox. Very convincing looking.

Sender email: (doesn’t look very eBay official does it!)

Tracking:ID E074654-84637G745-248

Dear user,

Thank you for shopping with us! Your purchase item is confirmed. Kindly note the Tracking:ID as a reference for your record. If you did not make it contact on +44 20 7070 0955. to our change and cancellation team support.

Item details
You completed checkout on 25 May 2023
Ship to:	Payment details:	Total:
108 Main Street,	Auto Debit	£469.74
Manchester, United Kingdom, M4 1HQ	
  Seller:  carlos-6 ( 105 )  Ask seller a question
Item title		Amount		
Qty		Item total	 
Apple AirPods Max Headphone

£449.00	 	£20.74		1		£469.74	
Delivery: 25 May - 27 May

Subtotal	£469.74	
Total	£469.74	
What Next?

Once your item is shipped, we will send you an email with the courier details and the tracking number. In case you have ordered multiple items, they may be delivered to you separately.

Your shopping is protected by purchase guarantee*

In case you don’t receive your item from the seller(s) or if it is delivered in an unsatisfactory condition, you can reach out to us on +44 20 7070 0955.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Alarm Bell Number 1 – they are asking me to PHONE them if I have an issue with the purchase. eBay do not do that.

Alarm Bell Number 2 – I didnt buy any apple headphones lol

Alarm Bell Number 3 – Nothing in the email is clickable, the seller ID and the product image etc should be clickable

Its a crap scam, BUT it could fool some people. I am gonna ring the number and see if I can get a good recording of their tactics in a bit.

Be scam wise people!

eBay Scam

eBay Scam Emails

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