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Another day, another scam.

This time my father was on the receiving end of it, and I actually tried to deal with this correctly via way of an official complaint. But, this was thrown back in my face so – i’ve been forced to approach this slightly differently.


New Day Ltd

I guarantee you will have seen – perhaps without noticing – an advert from these charlatans either on the TV or online, advertising branded debit cards/store cards… debt, basically.

It seems their whole business model is to;

  1. Get people into contract for “stuff”
  2. Charge them a monthly fee
  3. Make it confusing what they are actually paying for
  4. Make it really hard for people to ring and find out what they are actually paying for
  5. Be aggressive in terms of chasing and enforcing monthly payments
  6. Send generic letters to people when their raise concerns or make complaints
  7. And more….

And they seem to be doing fairly well too, based on this data on;

New Day Ltd Net Worth Finances

“Thats a lot of money you guys have scammed, New Day Cards!!”

Let’s look at some of the brands that have been duped into working with the New Day Cards Scammers;

New Day Cards - These Companies Partner With Scammers

Oh dear.

So the following brands see no issue with associating themselves with SCAMMERS;

  • Amazon Platinum Cards
  • Debenhams Cards
  • House of Fraser Cards
  • Laura Ashley Cards
  • Burton Menswear Cards
  • Dorothy Perkins Cards
  • Evans Cards
  • Miss Selfridge Cards
  • Outfit Cards
  • Topman Cards
  • Topshop Cards
  • Wallis Cards
  • Argos Cards
  • AO Cards
  • Pulse Cards

Not a good look really is it, guys?

They also run their own cards under a few of their own brands;

  • Aquas Cards
  • Marbles Card
  • Opus Cards
  • Fluid Cards

All sound so nice dont they! But you will end up with a sad face and probably bad marks against your credit if you dont pay them the fee for “something” each month that enables you to “do something” – but dont bother asking what that “something” is, because they don’t know! Alright!?

Sorry that I’m unable to be more descriptive here – but after multiple calls and attempts at speaking with New Day Cards Ltd even they were unable to tell me what the cards or the monthly payments were for – I know, astounding, right?

I was first made aware of these crooks when I was trying to help my dad move into a new rented flat. The application brought up that he had a bad mark on his credit – huh? My dad has always been squeaky clean.

On further investigation, it was because he had failed to make a payment in 2020 during the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown. Historically, he had made these payments each month by physically visiting the store and making the payment in person. No standing order or direct debit. And as the stores were all closed – he couldn’t go in, and ended up with a bad mark on his credit!

When I asked my Dad what this payment was even for he said “oh its a store card or something”

No, it’s not a store card. It’s a DEBT card, tied to a store, that apparently gives you *some* kind of benefit *somewhere*

Anyway, we are MONTHS into this saga now, they send REPEAT letter every month claiming my dad owes them £9 or something – this is despite me speaking to people multiple times and having the account suspended at the highest level…. yet they still chase the money!

I escalated the case and they “looked into it” and found they were in the right somehow because my dad did sign up to it and that’s that. No consideration as to whether or not he understood what he was signing up for at the time, but hey-ho.  I am ignoring all their letters and stuff now as its essentially harassment at this point.

I wonder if anyone else has had as much fun with New Day Cards Ltd as we have?

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Trying to sort out my clients dispute right now, he’s a learning disabled man who was talked into buying a laptop from a company called Mac4sale, they arranged credit etc. The item was subsequently returned and a refund processed, Newday are claiming not to have received the refund and(surprise surprise) we aren’t having any luck contacting either party, new day have asked for proof of item return and refund but hasn’t given us details of where to send it. When I called them just now I got passed around from pillar to post for half an hour before being told that the manager would call back later. most frustrating… If anyone can advise me how to deal with this I’d be most grateful.

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