Are you Happy?


Yes, its the first word in a dance song released in 2001 that still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. It’s also something that some of us spend our entire lives in the pursuit of.

A lot of the books and podcasts I listen to talk about happiness and all of them come to the same conclusion. Happiness is something we are in full control of. It isn’t something earned or attained by going through steps or achieving “things” – its a state of mind that we choose to be in, or not.

We are 100% responsible for our own happiness.

Life isn’t cruel or unfair to us.

We allow the pressures of “life” to influence our moods and feelings, which often materialises as feelings of unhappiness & sadness.

However, accepting that “Life” and “Happiness” are things we control isn’t easy – we dont like to admit that the bad situation we are in is our fault. Sure, a kid doesn’t ask to be abused, or a wife doesn’t ask to be beaten up – but in many negative situations, the victim often has options but we cling onto things hoping that people will change.

Instead, we put up with the situation, the relationship, whatever – and it’s usually due to one reason.

The sunk cost fallacy.

Basically, as humans, if we have invested a lot of time or money into “something” – then we dont want to let it go. Whether that’s moving from iPhone to Android, or getting out of a Toxic marriage – if we have dedicated £1000’s or decades to the “thing” then we feel that we have to stick with it, even if it’s making us miserable deep down. We all do it, with memberships, relationships, habits, rituals.

Being human is hard sometimes.

Choose happiness. Don’t carry negativity – its heavy.

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