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Dear Costa.

Hello, Costa.

You dont know me, I am one of the millions of people that buy your products. Admittedly, I probably visit your stores more than most people – but this post isn’t about me, it’s about you.

In January of 2022, your corporate overlords (CocaCola) seemingly forced all Costa stores to start using a brand of plant milks they had acquired back in 2016 – and this decision seemed to be made without actually checking the loyal customers of Costa actually liked it.

I have absolutely nothing to back this up other than gut feeling and assumptions, but I would bet diamonds you have noticed a spike in Oat milk being chosen over any of the other plant milks?

Do you know why I think that is?

I have tried all the new plant milks, they are all watery and leave an awful aftertaste – all apart from the oat milk. It’s not as good as other Oat milk brands, but it’s the best of a bad bunch when it comes to Adez Plant Milks. Also, ive noticed you sell out of Oat milk quite often in many stores now – whereas none of the others seem to sell out, ever?

There are also new ingredients used in the new plant milks from Costa – some of them are now not suitable for people with differing allergies which means many people now just dont go there anymore.

And finally – you charge more for plant milk! Its 2022 for god’s sake, we are supposed to be moving towards a fairer and more sustainable future? So why DISCOURAGE plant milk adoption, by using awful quality products and charging more for the use of them! If anything, you should charge LESS for people opting for plant milks to ENCOURAGE their uptake?!

To summarise; Costa, you have – in my opinion – put your bank balance and your investors before your brand and your customers, for perhaps the first time since I have dealt with your brand. Ive always felt that you have produced quality products, at medium to high prices but it’s been worth it as your products have always been so premium.

This move to less than premium plant milks and cheek to charge more for them – in my opinion – is why myself along with many others will not buy a plant milk based drink any more. I have black coffee and when I have earnt a free one I may treat myself to an Oat latte, if you have any Oat milk available at the time….

tl;dr Bring Back Alpro!

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