Maison Bianco – Stuart Paskin Latest Scam Site!

Well, well, well. I got an email from a group of friends that I have formed, who have all been scammed by the infamous Stuart Paskin. The email was telling me about his latest incarnation of website,  It basically means the white house – wonder where that name came from? :/

NOTE: To anyone unfamiliar with this cretin, I blogged about him here and about his company here.

Annnnywayyyyy…. It seems Stuart Paskin is at it again and has closed “The White Tent” down in favour of a more posh brand called “Maison Bianco” which is the same name, just in Italian.

Maison BIanco

The site is actually really nice, I mean, its theme based but its been put together by someone that knows what they are doing – which in fact saddens me even more. As this professional has no doubt been screwed over by Stuart Paskin aka  Lux Level Ltd AKA 77 Interiors Ltd (Company number 07967774)  to the sum of thousands. Just like we did, and just like the 10+ other digital agencies did – of which we are in contact with them all.

Stopping the Scammers

We’re working on finding out who is “working” for him at the moment, and I of course use that term loosely as working for someone usually means you get PAID and this asshat doesn’t pay anyone. When we do find out, we’ll ensure they know the facts and let them make their mind up about whether or not to keep working for them.

If you are a victim of these scammy b@stards then please contact me and tell your story. We have a group of others who are all victims and we can add you into that group so you can join the discussion.

And Stuart – if you are reading this, the net is closing in around you. Give up now before an army of pissed off digital agency owners find you and get their revenge.

Bianco Maison

Maison Bianco

Mr S. S, I hear you’re no longer working with Paskin. I’d love a chat. Email me 🙂 

6 replies on “Maison Bianco – Stuart Paskin Latest Scam Site!”

Thanks man, yeah its crazy that hes still scamming. I had his business partner on the blower to me complaining that he was mentioned in this. Seems they’ve parted ways.

How this guy still trades and is banked I do not know. I would love to know how he continues to get banks to do card acquiring for him as when he went bust in January 2018 with White Tent, he used a stock answer of saying the banks will pay you back as you paid on credit card. No shame. Stock answer. This guy is the biggest crook out. AVOID. Well done on operating this site.

Great site publishing this scammer….Our friend too had a run in with Stuart paskin back in 2001.. His late father would turn in his grave knowing his son turned out nothing like his farther Cyril paskin founder of the (philip green memorial trust)…now called (paskin children’s trust)…guess who that is now?

I understood He owed in access of £100K to my friend back then.. one thing i can say is due to having had this experience and unfortunate business dealing with him my good friend learnt to sniff out people like him.

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