Apple iTunes Hulu Plus Email Scam!

A customer recently forwarded this to me in a bit of a panic, he uses iTunes and this email really stopped him in his tracks… here is how it looks;

I am not an Apple user, so to me this looks as legit as I would expect. The “To Cancel Transaction…” bit looks a bit out of place but it wouldn’t really jump out at someone as being a red flag.

He forwarded it to me anyway, and the first thing I checked was the senders address;

The sender address is obviously wrong – it should be apple related at least.

The next thing to check would be any links in the email, DO NOT CLICK THEM but hover and look in the bottom right of your screen to see where they go;

Hmm, not sure that should be where a “Cancel subscription” link should go, do you? πŸ™‚ Interestingly they’ve used the Myspace URL shortener so have either hacked that, or have hacked the place the short URL sent the user to?

I clicked it (safe, test environment) and the link forwards to a page that has been taken down. So there is zero risk with this thanks to someone giving the hacked end site a heads up. Great work whoever you are πŸ™‚

All in all, a very convincing email and I dread to think how many novice iPhone users will have fallen for it before it got taken down πŸ™

If you’re not sure if something is real, then forward it to and I will do my best to decipher it and I may blog about it too.

As always, stay safe peeps πŸ™‚

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