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Twittersquatting is the new Cybersquatting

Im getting sick to the fucking back teef of trying to register twitter accounts for my personal and business use – and some fucking drongo has already snapped them up.

For example, @olly is registered and not used, @adidas is registered and not used, @ol is registered and not used.

Need i go on?

I have tried contacting twitter support and asking to kick them off so i can have them – no joy! I have even tried tracking the people down that own them but still, no joy.

There needs to be something built in to twitter that, if a profile is registered then never used  then it should be removed.


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The problem with that is that you can’t be sure that the person isn’t using the account. They may use Twitter only as something to read.

The only way you can tell it’s not being used is if they’re not following anyone and haven’t logged in for a fairly long grace period after signing up.

With Twitter, though I bet only some of this can be attributed to squatting. You see, twitter isn’t everyones cup of tea. People may register and then go “fuck this, what’s the point?” I know several people who have. And of course if they don’t cancel their account it’ll just sit there unused. It ought to be 60 days idle and they email you. A further 30 days and your account is deleted. Like how Hotmail is.

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