The Best Twitter App for Android

Thats right folks, amongst the barrage of cool twitter apps that are available FREE – a newcomer has risen from the darkness and TOTALLY stolen the limelight. Its called Touiteur (tweeter) and its made by the fine gents and ladies at Level Up Studios. Here is a little list of cool features that Touiteur (Free) […]

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Calvin Harris Rants on Twitter

I follow a few celebs on twitter – mainly because i like their music or whatever it is they do. Calvin Harris is one of those people, and tonight he’s really let rip at itv for making him do stupid things for TV. It involved trying (and failing) to open a jar of jam – […]

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Twittersquatting is the new Cybersquatting

Im getting sick to the fucking back teef of trying to register twitter accounts for my personal and business use – and some fucking drongo has already snapped them up. For example, @olly is registered and not used, @adidas is registered and not used, @ol is registered and not used. Need i go on? I […]

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Twitter making famous people, less famous?

I was reading a blog post from Murray Newlands as im a follower of his on twitter. He commented on how lots of famous people are joining in with the twitter revoluton and are joining twitter. One of the most famous twitterer’s is Stephen Fry, he was one of the first people that i added […]