The Best Twitter App for Android

Thats right folks, amongst the barrage of cool twitter apps that are available FREE – a newcomer has risen from the darkness and TOTALLY stolen the limelight.

Its called Touiteur (tweeter) and its made by the fine gents and ladies at Level Up Studios.

Here is a little list of cool features that Touiteur (Free) comes with

  • Multiple Account Support – THANK GOD!! FINALLY!!!!
  • Cool “Dropdown” new tweet dialogue
  • Really intuitive layout
  • Colour code option so you can distinguish between tweets from different accounts (it merges all tweets from all accounts onto one screen)

The only downside is that I would actually like NOT to have everything merged into one list – which is totally achievable if I pay $2.99 or whatever it is and buy the premium version.

My score – 8/10 (Would be 9 if I stopped being a tight-arse and bought the full app!!!)

This would be a 10/10 app if it refreshed when shook (Accelerometer support)

Official Site –

Follow them on twitter –

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