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Twitter making famous people, less famous?

I was reading a blog post from Murray Newlands as im a follower of his on twitter. He commented on how lots of famous people are joining in with the twitter revoluton and are joining twitter.

One of the most famous twitterer’s is Stephen Fry, he was one of the first people that i added as it was actually him talking about it that made me use it. I also follow Davina McCall as shes funny – that’s about it for tv/film celebs. I also follow people like Matt Cutts who in his own right is a celebrity – but for very different reasons.

It got me thinking about the whole concept, and started doing some deeper digging to see who i pack of twitterscould find and potentially speak to. I was amazed at the amount of profiles there were for famous people – and by the looks of it MOST of them (if you can find out the real ones from the fakes) are actually by the real person – not some agent or staff member.

I guess as twitter is so simple, and can be updated so easily it just makes it a convenient way for people to let their fans know what they are doing whenever they are doing it.

I also started thinking about the “Six degrees of seperation” theory – surely things like Twitter make that seperation less? Is it now one or two degrees of seperation?

I do find it amazing that these people who have only been seen in magazines and tv etc are interacting with the world directly, allowing anyone to contact them by simply writing them a private message.

One problem with twitter, is that it seems to be wide open for attacks of some kind – i bet they have a terrible problem with people spamming it, i know i have had a few people add me then days later they have been kicked off.

Twitter has won me over, its now become part of my daily routene to check my twitter page in a morning – and when i do something i now feel compelled to tell the world im doing it.

Like a cool t-shirt i saw, said;

Twitter – the messaging system we didnt know we needed until we had it.

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