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GoPro Hero Camera UK Launch

Action cameras seem to be taking over our lives right now – but that aint a bad thing! We are working with Xtreme Distribution with their launch of the GoPro Hero camera here in the UK.

The GoPro Hero camera is one of the leading action camera availbale in the world today! Its rugged, waterproof and is available with an assortment of mounts making it suitable to surfers, skaters, bikers plus more!


For more information on the GoPro Hero Camera then head over to the UK homepage. We’ll be uploading more footage from the cameras as and when we get it – in the meantime check out the videos on the homepage, and take a look at the  products available to buy right now!

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Hiya, Not sure if you’ve spotted it (you probably will have done!) but the banner describing the x cam in the right hand top corner isnt displaying properly. Its got the bottom half of the last line of type mssing! Just thought I’d let you know just in case. You can only see The Go Pro Hero – The worlds smallest, wireless helmet and gear-mountable video and gear mountable video is cut in half so to speak!

should try and plug that camera on the UKRGB forum, people are always asking about waterproof cameras on there for canoe/kayaking.

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