Scammers ringing from EON PHONE SCAM ALERT!

This article is about an EON phone scam – please show this article to any business owners you may know!

Last week while my business partner was off, we got a call transferred to me at work, claiming to be a chap from EON needing some info about my meter due to a technical glitch on their system.

eon phone scamThe gentleman was of indian origin, and sounded like he was in a busy call centre – normally this wouldn’t raise any alarms as this is a common combination of elements, however I know for a fact that EON are based about 5 miles down the road from me and have never used indian call centres since we’ve been with them. Alarm bell number 1.

He started reading something very scripted, and was informing me about how there had been an issue with my account and that they needed my meter number to ensure my bills were being calculated correctly. 1

Stop. Alarm bell number 2.

Never give anyone your meter number over the phone. Ever.

As soon as they confirm your meter number and details they can start to transfer you to a provider of their choice – one that makes them lots of money!

I informed the chap I was uncomfortable giving my meter number out over the phone due to what I know and understood about the commercial energy market – he must have had that one before as immediatly he said he could tell me my MPAN number which should verify he was legit. He read me my MPAN number and it was correct – although I informed the guy I still felt uneasy and that if it was really EON that they should send me this request in a letter. He mumbled something then hung up.

The weekend passed and I thought nothing more of it – at this point I actually thought it was probably a legit call and I had given the chap a hard time on his first day at work or something!

Monday afternoon – “Ring ring…”

It was my mate from EON again with the same script he used on Friday, telling me there was an issue with my account and he needed my meter number. I just could not shake the uneasy feeling about giving him – or anyone – my meter number over the phone.

He then said he would transfer me to his supervisor and I actually heard him ruffle the phone and pass it to someone sat next to him. It was done so unprofessionally, for me it was the last straw. I told him I did not believe he was legitimate and that I wasn’t prepared to give him any info over the phone. He quickly hung up.

I then rang EON themselves and spoke to a lady who was based in nottingham and I explained to her what had happened – she confirmed it was in fact a scam!

Its worth noting at this point that EON is not a scam – the scam is a bunch of indians calling you claiming to be from eon, getting your meter number then transferring you to some scammy commercial energy company that they make lots of money from.

Now I know it’s 100% a scam, the next call we get I will be baiting the scammer a bit to see If I can find out more about the scam – such as who they would move me to if they had all the correct info etc.

Pointers regarding this issue and why my alarm bells chimed;

  1. The chap didn’t go through any security questions to verify he was legit or I was legit. He used the MPAN number as a way of legitimising the call but this info can be obtained reasonably easily.
  2. The subject he was ringing me about was regarding an issue with my supply/account – so why did it sound so scripted? Surely it would be a one off call from someone in customer services, not a scripted call from a sales monkey?
  3. The professionalism of the call was terrible – he physically passed the phone to a supervisor, he did not transfer it. He was also sketchy about the actual issue, suggesting he knew nothing about it which was puzzling.
  4. He asked for my meter number. EON would never do this.
  5. He was from india, and I know EON use local telesales as a friend worked there!

I was commended by the lady at EON when I rang them to check, as she said its a big problem for them at the moment. Some customers have given meter numbers, bank details and allsorts over the phone.

Here are two phone numbers that registered on my phone when they called – they dont seem to work now though;

  • 002063760823
  • 002077286997

Country code seems to be Egypt but that could easily be masked.

Stay ScamWise people!

Please share this article to make everyone aware this is happening.

EON Phone Scam

20 thoughts on “Scammers ringing from EON PHONE SCAM ALERT!”

  1. We’ve had the same calls last week! I kept putting the phone down as soon as they spoke. The numbers begun with 00

    1. I thought this was a scam when I got one of these calls and told him I thought it was a load of “expletive deleted “, and hung up. He had the audacity to phone back from a withheld number a minute later and start to question why I had reacted this way to him!

    2. We have had numerous calls and some quite aggressive. I think this may be a scam that several set of people are perpetrating. Eon have suggested that the calls are instigated when you have had a credit check done for some reason. Surely Eon should be pro-active in stopping this. Instead of saying there nothing can be done.

  2. We’ve just had exactly the same from ‘nPower’. We’ve recently moved and they had our old address, even though actual nPower are sending stuff to the correct place #fail

  3. I run a business and was recently contacted. He knew my name and address and postcode that’s all though and he said there was a problem with my account. I said I don’t even use eon and I would contact my current provider myself. He rang 4 times and was persistent bit I did not give him details.

    1. Can’t believe it! !they rang me again today. The man said he was from n power and wanted to confirm they were switching my account over to eon. I firmly told him I didn’t believe him and to stop calling. How persistent is that?

  4. Just had a call at work from an Asian in a call centre, said we would receive a bill for over £1000 on 20th December which was wrong and their fault, he kept asking for me to look at an old bill and give him a meter reading. Said I couldn’t put my hand on one at the moment so he said he could wait on the phone, I put him on hold for a few moments then told him I would wait for the bill then contact EON. Still insisted I look on an old bill as the direct debit would need to be cancelled and reinstated so I told him to clear off and try and scam someone else. Bastards make me sick.

  5. I’ve just had exactly the same call from a foreign bloke claiming to be from Dual Energy almost word for word the same as what Olly wrote. When I refused to give him any information and questioned him on the upsetting amount of ‘technical difficulties’ Dual Energy were having he told me to F*** off.
    I politely responded in kind 🙂

  6. Just had the same type of call from an Indian guy claiming to be from edf energy asking me to confirm my meter number, he said he’d hold while I looked for the bill. I asked him to call back in 10 mins while I find the bill, this gave me the time to look this up to see if it was a scam and came across these posts. So glad I did, now I can’t wait for him to call back so I can give him a piece of my mind !!!

  7. I had the same call from Indian lady who I couldn’t understand then she passed me to her Supervisor very quickly indeed. It sounded like a call centre however alarm bells rang for me too. I didn’t give them the information they wanted thus the line went dead. I then tried to call the number back but it wasn’t recognised!

  8. Just had a cold call from an Asian sounding chap claiming to be from E-on. The number was a withheld international number. He was trying to get me to renew my business contract with E-on that would result in a saving of £360 then could be £600 over the year. All sorts of numbers were mentioned and as I started to ask questions he said I didn’t understand and transferred me to his supervisor. I did ask why he was referring to my home as being on a business tariff and questioned his math which just fell on deft ears. As I was not getting any reasonable answers to my questions I just got the impression that this was a scam and told the supervisor to check his details. I’m on a domestic tariff and as this is a private residence business rates don’t apply. I ended the call and then made a call to E-on on the UK number from my bill and asked about this call from overseas. I knew in my mind that it was a scam and the Irish chap I spoke with confirmed that nobody from the official E-on call centre had called me. Fortunately I hadn’t provided any personal details or information. Beware.

  9. I have had the same thing at work pretending to be from OPUS energy. I phoned OPUS who informed me that they do not ask for any information. I am getting calls every day now and I just put the phone down. Thanks for this article I will make let people know.

  10. Same call from someone pretending to be Scottishpower today. Telephone number 01380 966345. He quoted my company name and asked for my email. At this point I realised he was a con artist and I told him to go forth in short jerky movements lol.

  11. Had a phone call from “Haven” from a chap claiming his name was “Sam Hamiliton” (although he sounded like he was calling from an Indian call centre). I checked the number and it was a Northampton number, Haven have assured me all their numbers are from Ipswich. He kept phoning back persistently over a couple of weeks, finally stopped calling when we told him we generated our own electricity using hamsters running on their hamster wheels

  12. same call but from eon, needed meter numbers due a glitch in the computer system, he had our name post code and current supplier, claimed to be from the meter registration department, apparently he is phoning back tomorrow for the details, did not want to email or wright to me. the number came from

  13. Thanks for the warning. Just had a call from someone purporting to be from EDF who own EON (they do not). He was asking for our supply number as he had our meter number. Same story as above so be aware and tell them to clear off.

  14. We have had numerous calls and some quite aggressive. I think this may be a scam that several set of people are perpetrating. Eon have suggested that the calls are instigated when you have had a credit check done for some reason. Surely Eon should be pro-active in stopping this. Instead of saying there nothing can be done.

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