Hello world!

Take control of your ITAs this website is aimed at the geeky – techie side of what we do, we figured the “Hello world” title was actually quite fitting, so we’ve left it.

Here at Work we’re really happy to be relaunching our support website, as it brings out the inner geek in us all that has been so desperate to resurface but hasn’t previously had anywhere to call home.

We all come from a basic IT Support background, but as the web was taking shape in the late 90’s we all started to shift towards the web and ended up getting jobs that hinged around it. We never forgot our roots though, and we’re all those people who, when at family get-togethers, are the ones left sorting Aunt Traceys iPhone or explaining to Uncle Steve how the internet works.

So its with great pleasure that we’re able to announce that we are relaunching Work Support as a new service from Work and aimed at offering small to medium businesses with 1 to 10 users award winning IT support and assistance.

If you are a small business and would like IT peace of mind from as little as £25 + VAT per month, then what are you waiting for?

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