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Photo of my Osgood Schlatters Disease

My osgood schlatters disease is a really hard thing to  photograph and you really cant see the full extent of it until you actually look at my knee, but i thought id share this with the world anyway.

You can clearly see the knee closest to the camera has a large bump on it, that SHOULDNT be there, and the doctor told me that i’d have to live with it and eventually it would wear off.

It hurts ALL the time, apart from when im walking. And its a really aching pain – really quite horrible!

I’d love to hear from other sufferers, and more importantly anyone who knows how i might be able to get rid of the pain!

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my boyfreind ahs somehting on his knee that looks quite similar to this he 16 and is like a couple inches below his knee. an dhe says it hurts…he went to the doc last nite and they told him that they thought it was cancer and now he has to go back tonite

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