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Need a stylish taxi? Call the transporter!

We are doing some work with a guy who used to run the nurburgring experience, and has now launched a taxi service with a difference…

Meet, The Transporter!

He doesn’t charge any more than standard taxi’s but will get you where you need to be and get you noticed! You can also hire the transporter to stay with you all night and act as your personal chauffeur!

Please note – He’s had to sack the get-away driving for bank robbers from the services he offers due to insurance complications haha ๐Ÿ™‚

Email The Transporter now! Website and facebook page coming soon!

3 replies on “Need a stylish taxi? Call the transporter!”

I remember having that idea when first got started. I talked to David about it on the way into town under the train station and he told me not to bother suggesting it.

You could have a whole troop of taxi drivers with modified cars. If the prices were the same then why would anyone not choose an awesome looking car? Even if it was an unmodified nice car over a crappy old taxi…

Dan – when you meet the guy and see inside the taxi you get the idea..

Its a tinted out car, with nice rims and leather seats – always clean and tidy – the driver always wears a suit..

Its going down a storm in brum!

Stu – I too have had similar ideas in the past!

this guy is getting two more and having the Transporter, the Transporter 2 and the Transporter 3 haha ๐Ÿ™‚

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