419 Scam – $900,000,00 disguised as a box of clothes?

Just got this through in my inbox – it must be new as the spam filters didnt pick it up! They’ve gone at it via a different angle, and they are suggesting that ive had prior contact with them regarding getting me my money. Here is it for your enjoyment – NOTE – IF YOU […]

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419 Scam Email – $35,000,000,000,000 For FREE!

I have my email set up quite strange, i have gmail accounts through google apps, all feeding to one central gmail account. This means i have spam filter in place at more than one level, which means i hardly get any spam at all now. This is brill – however i no longer get the […]

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French/Nigerian/African Spam 419 Scam Email!

My good friend Stu has sent me this brilliant 419 scam email that completely slipped through the Google spam filters and ended up in his inbox – probably because its all in french! Hmm, that reminds me – i’ve not actually received one for ages!

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Funny spam viagra picture thing

I dont tend to get a lot of spam any more becasue of Gmails amazing spam filters – but every now and then the bastards manage to slip thru the net and end up in my inbox. Now if they do get through, i tend to look at them to see how they might of […]