French/Nigerian/African Spam 419 Scam Email!

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    My name is Mr Gafary Ibrahim Adam, an employee at the Bank Of Africa Burkina Faso (BF BOA) as the officer of the department of credit and international remitting. I just respectfully ask your cooperation for a transaction, because I discovered the subscription of a customer who died in 2003.

    Without new parents this year, our institution is about to make this purchase the assets of the Bank, but remains ready to make a refund to anyone who purports to be the beneficiary of the subscription and providing all Information on this account. I will contact you now so that you intervene as the heir of that subscription.

    I give you more details about the operation as soon as I receive your agreement in relation to the proposal. It is the sum of 12,000 000 dollars, and I will give you 40% of this sum, for your participation.

    I remain optimistic about receiving a favorable response to my proposal. The bank shall transfer from 23/11/2008 and resumed the next year after its balance sheet. So we just have time to recoup the funds without delay.

    Please leave your telephone contact, for close collaboration.

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