The emo lifestyle – an outsiders point of view

We visited the NASS festival the other weekend, and we took cameras and stuff to help promote the new XCam’s ๐Ÿ™‚ None of us really knew what to expect as none of us had been to a festival before!414390170_e82b32d7b8

The feedback from the cameras was brilliant, and the overall festival was pretty damm good too – but for me the thing that i found most fascinating was the emo/goth/skater dudes and how similar they all were!

If you take a typical skater type person, 3/4 lenght trousers, Etnies kicks, full tattoo sleeves, large piercings and a skatebaord under their arm and throw them into an elevator with a load of boring suit wearing people – the emo will stand proud as an individual and as someone whos trying to make a statement using the clothes on their back and the art on their arms.

Although, you go to something like the nass festival and you see these emo’s in a totally different light. They are all competing against each other in regards who can have the skinnyest jeans, the maddest tattoo’s, the biggest afro’s and the crazyest piercings.

When they are all together like that, they become exactly the same as 9-5 working stiffsย  in suits, or hip-hop loving rudeboys. They are all exactly the same!

So the next time i hear some emo skateboarder dude say they looks how they look as they wanna be an individual – im going to laugh in their face, and not just at their stupidly tight jeans! ๐Ÿ™‚

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The problem with there being 6 billion people on the Earth is that you’ve got to do something pretty outrageous to be totally different.

I’m pretty sure I could find plenty of people who dress as I do and listen to the same kind of music, but then given enough time I could find someone in the world who is pretty much the same as absolutely anybody out there.

I don’t try to be different, I’m fine being similar to other people. ๐Ÿ™‚

You totally right dude – its almost impossible to be an individual..

Ive spoken to far too many people who have got a sleeve of tattoo’s to be “different” or wear them stupid judge dredd boots cos they are “individuals”

Its the same as the car scene too – people put wheels and a bodykit on to be different!?

Er, hello?


What they also dont realise is that people were wearing EXACTLY the same kinds of clothing when we were at school and college but were calling themselves Goths.. They dont seem to be able to understand that its nothing new, nothing shocking. They are just copying a trend thats been around for at least 15-20 years! lol. They just renamed it, and not very imaginativly at that!

Remember me telling you about the MD player? I went through a kinda’ gothyish state as a evolution from being skater, lasted hmm a month or two? Anywho they called me a Cyber Goth cos I had *Technology* like, hmmmm

Tom de longe is my total hero I think the whole greenday / blink 182 look they had the last year or two was really nice smart and clean, Doesnt suite me though I’m far too fat to pull off super skin tight clothing, Instead ill stick with being a skater boy!

After all I think theres more diversity in how people dress in the alt scene than in the trendy/townie and certainly the *Chav* scene, I mean theres only so many different types of burberry tops right?

I have to admit though the skater fashion sense has somewhat died? I’m a massive fan of zoo york and it’s like really, wtf? and all this random colours and scruffy lookin’ shizz!

I’ll wear whatever I like the look and feel of, Until you start making 1 off bespoke tee’s you’ll always be the same! Me and @minute44 should really go back into designing tshirts, marketplace is full of crap at the moment!

Tbh, i dont think anyones individual, everyone is kinda fake to some degree. If people want to look the same, its up to them. i dress emo becuase i love it. not coz i wanna look different. Although, i kinda stand out where i live and what not. People can pick what they wear. I think saying that they all look the same is being slightly judgemental.

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