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CS-Cart And the Duplicate URL Problem

It seems that no one at CS-Cart can be fucked to get back to me, even though we have paid (cash money) for their software MANY times.

Ive recently started doing some more in-depth work for a client, and this involves locking the site down like fort knox so that there can be no discrepancies with the site, by google.

I noticed an error  (that i have since noticed on random cs-cart sites that i have visited) and it is as follows;

Gives the same page as;

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but wont this be seen as a bad thing by those up high? I’d consider myself an intermediate SEO person, and I’m sure that everything i have read has at some point stated that duplicate content is bad.

I posted in the cs-cart forum, and also in their bug tracker.

A week later, and the bug tracker thing remains unclaimed/ignored – and this is the best answer the members of the forum can come up with;

“Login to Google Webmaster Tools and remove the offending URLs?”

Yeah – cos that’s gonna stop it from happening, isn’t it!

I get better support with software i have got for free, so receiving this level of support for some software we have PAID for just stinks.

Im just gonna use Jshop from now on, unless cs-cart get back to me.

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