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Human Target – Season 3…. Hopefully

During our last holiday to Rhodes (I’ve just realised i haven’t blogged about that!) we discovered a TV show called Human Target – its kind of a cross between the A Team, and James Bond.. With a bit of all the other action type dudes thrown in for good measure.

It did at times come with a side order of cheddar, but all in all I loved it – so much so when I got home I watched the two seasons that were available -and I thought every episode was awesome, it even had some interesting co-stars popping up from time to time!

After i’d watched them all I started looking into why the show had been dropped – and it appears that due to some bad episode scheduling (showing the episodes the same time as shows like American iDul) the show was simply cancelled to make way for something else. I found this really confusing to be honest as the show was ace and after some searching I found that it has a lot of great reviews dotted around the web too – which means a lot of people clearly enjoyed it!

Then it kinda left my mind for a while due to there being no new episodes (and general getting on with life junk) until earlier today when I decided to look for any info that might suggest a season 3 – but the news literally stops shortly after it was cancelled only to be mentioned again in some other article about some other (not as awesome) shows doing really well (strangely enough the article mentions Human Target being a “highest rated drama”)

So I figured I would do a blog post to see if I could get any Human Target fans to sound their trumpets and maybe make someone who can do something about it open their eyes to a TV series that with a few tweaks could be brought right back into shape and once again entertain millions of people (but mostly me)

Also FOX needs to make a Human Target Season 3 as the only other series on TV I like is Spartacus, which coincidentally has just started the 3rd (well, 2nd, as the physical 2nd one was technically season 0 – coming before season 1) so I have lots of spare viewing time that could be filled with Human Target Goodness!!

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Here in sunny old England I also really enjoyed human target and am shocked at FOX cancelling it. It was the only thing on TV I liked and I am very annoyed with FOX. So heres your support from England!

I would love to see season 3 come back but to be in season 1 format. They can keep those girls in season 3 but make it action oriented as season 1 and they would have a hit again. I remember watching season 1 and I said to myself, man this show has hollywood action movie quality in a tv series and I think that’s what made it really unique and successful.

Damjan, i couldnt agree more!

The second series was OK but it went a bit too far with the internal stories and stuff!

@Craig! Thanks man! Sound the trumpets!

hello, olli! as you i also enjoy very much watching Human Target. But corporative incompetents that think they know it all, should take a minute to think why spending millions just to throw it all away. fox has a wide range of tv channels, thematic ones; and thats what there for, so, picking up a series like HT and throw it to the oblivion parting ratings with something i really hate like the “american buls++t” is one of the reasons why our world came to the way it is. not even NCIS can compete with that, people like to see live public humiliation, blood, scandals; and like Nero, the roman emperor said ” to have the people in your hands just give them breath, wine and circus”, it says it all. HT should have a 3rd, 4th and so on seasons, i’m just fed up with grey’s anatomy, desperate wives, although i could deal with some of them; bones went astray, and if they want to keep throwing money away just send it to me, i’ll give good use to it. Long live Christopher Chance and the amazing mark Valley, there coudn’t have been a more perfect actor for the job!


He was bang on for the role..

You never know, if we make enough noise someone may listen 🙂

I hear netflix are picking up some TV shows that got “dropped”

wow! Human target was loved by millions of people here in,NIGERIA..WE MISSED IT..SUMONE SHOULD HELP PLZ!

There isn’t much of action/ comedy kind of show around at the moment, i’d certinaly be a fan for a few more seasons of HT. Hopefully it makes a come back soon.

I would love to see season 3 but with action of season 1. Second season was getting killed with Ilsa’s involvement. She should stay but not bitch and moan about how they handle their stuff.

i personally liked the show the great action and other, my friends thinks the same so i ill advice there be a season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also this was amazing series , i can say that i have playing again and again those two seasons and will be awesome to see a third one coming.

Almost a year now, and seems like Fux doesn’t care about what viewers want. I think that no season 3 for us 🙁
I hope i’m wrong….

C’MON fox. Absolute gem of a TV show. They just need to give it another Christopher Chance. Clearly has a huge fan base.

I loved this show so much! I can’t believe fox was dumb enough to cancel… The fan base was pretty big, but then they (Fox) started playing around with the schedule, I think they changed it at least 3 times, it was all over the place! People couldn’t find it to watch and it dropped in ratings…very sad, I barely watch TV, but I was hooked on this show. I hope it comes back but I highly doubt it.


I’m happy to find someone same ‘sad’ about the end of this serie.
I would like to do everything to get this serie back on the trails!
And I’m sure you can help me with that, so if you want to give it a try mail me at

Just watched the first season of human target, I live in Australia and I want to see more, just ordered season 2, Just love it. We the fans want to see season 3 PLEASE FOX.

I thought this show was the ants pants. It had it all. Fox needs to listen to the people and continue with further seasons, as well as pay attention to the time slot it is placed in. I can’t wait for another season!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched it first time around then the reruns. As you say, the show’s popularity speaks for itself but that doesn’t seem to count in the US.

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