Spartacus – Blood and Sand

Wholly frickin’ shit, batman! – When Adam told me about a new series called Spartacus, and how it was a cross between Uber Violence, and Uber Porn – he instantly had my attention 🙂

He gave me the first series, and after a week or so i started watching it – and couldn’t stop! It was everything he had described, and more! My only gripe with it is the slight cheesyness in certain parts, and sometimes their language is hard to understand as its all supposedly a true representation of ancient Greece/Rome.

The violence and blood is very “animated” giving is a kinda comic book style edge – very over exaggerated in parts, but VERY cool none the less. If someone’s throat gets cut, you SEE it being cut and blood pouring everywhere! The sex scenes are very graphic for a TV show but are done in a way whereby you see no really dodgy stuff – but extremely dodgy stuff is suggested in every sex scene in the first series!

We watched the last episode last night -and it was an AMAZING end to the first series of a program i will most definitely be watching more of!

Just need to wait for the Second season (Season 2) of Spartacus Blood and Sand to be made so we can carry on enjoying it! I wonder if it will ever come to UK TV? As i feel it may be a bit much for the British viewers 😛


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