Worried about Maternity Pay?

We like to think of ourselves as a  jack of all e-trades type organisation. What we mean by this is we’ll get involved in any industry, any business – on the internet.

Our most recent venture is into a market we never expected or planned to become involved in – however after teaming up with an awesome guy who owns a ton of domain names – we have decided its definitely worth diving into!

We’re launching 4 websites based around Birth, Maternity and Babies! We’ve started with a very basic website outlining your rights in regards maternity pay, leave and paternity info – with direct links to solicitors/lawyers and free info for anyone wondering where they stand with their job when pregnant.

The next one will be on relating to maternity wear, then we are moving on to baby clothes, and then rounding it all off with a group site to bring all the sites together.

Its strange working on something like this – it will certainly get me swatted up for when one of our employees gets preggers!

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