Recast for Season 2 of Spartacus Blood & Sand

It upsets me to write this, but it appears that season 2 of the totally awesome Spartacus Blood and Sand (or Vengance as its apparently being called) will not star Andy Whitfield as “Spartacus” I wrote a while back about the leading man Andy, and how he had been diagnosed with a form of blood […]

Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 2 On the Horizon!

I was totally stoked when Adam introduced me to the Spartacus Blood and Sand series – it was everything i like in a TV show 🙂 Then when I found out lead man Andy Whitfield had blood cancer, I was gutted! Not only for him, but for all the fans of the series as they […]

Spartacus – Blood and Sand

Wholly frickin’ shit, batman! – When Adam told me about a new series called Spartacus, and how it was a cross between Uber Violence, and Uber Porn – he instantly had my attention 🙂 He gave me the first series, and after a week or so i started watching it – and couldn’t stop! It […]