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Recast for Season 2 of Spartacus Blood & Sand

It upsets me to write this, but it appears that season 2 of the totally awesome Spartacus Blood and Sand (or Vengance as its apparently being called) will not star Andy Whitfield as “Spartacus”

I wrote a while back about the leading man Andy, and how he had been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer that meant the production of series two had to be postponed.

However, he was initially given a clean bill of health by the doctors. Im sad to write that the cancer has in fact returned and he is back undergoing “aggressive cancer treatment” to once again try and remove it.

Its totally sad news, he was amazing in the role and its even more heatbreaking to know that they have no choice but to recast his role, or shut down the show – and as quite rightly stated on;

“I know people who work on the show, and if you’ve been reading the news lately you should know it’s not the best time to be out of work in the film/TV industry in New Zealand.

I’m sure Andy has more than enough {insert expletive] to deal with, physically and mentally, without feeling as if his cancer has put hundreds of other people out of work”

They are right, so as they say in show business – the show must go on.

Im sure i speak for many when i say i hope Andy makes a speedy recovery, and that all his fans are thinking of him 🙂

We will be seeing andy a couple more times though apparently in a series called “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” as he filmed the first and last episode, but you never know – they may reshoot if the find a replacment suddenly 🙁

I look forward to seeing the new episodes as they will most definitely be awesome, its just a shame Andy wont be along for the ride.

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