Its faster than the speed of light

.. or at least it feels like how fast time is going for me right now.

It seemed like a month or so ago it was snowing, and now we are on the run up to Christmas AGAIN. Im not quite sure where my days are going at the moment.

We’ve moved into our large swanky office, it has two main office’s in it, and a store room. Its epic, but one of the rooms is very empty at the moment as we haven’t had time to find some suitable boardroom furniture.

Our new company (removed) is doing really well, the plan’s are all on budget and its amazing to see a brand new business, complete with cashflow projection fit so closely to our projections. If it was any closer to our estimated cashflow, it would fit PERFECTLY.

Work has gone through some changes, we have sacked the “media” word off the end of the company name, and renamed the company “” this is to make the name reflect the wide range of services we offer, and the fact we offer them to the whole world.

In more personal news, Gem and I have booked our next trip – we are heading to Amsterdam for my birthday 😀 I’m so excited!

We booked the flights ages ago, and booked the hotel a week or so ago… and what a blinder it is!

Its called CitizenM Amsterdam City and it was actually our second choice! The one we really wanted was called the Conscious Hotel and its for tree huggers like myself, it was fully booked and despite them building another one in dam that would have been open by the time we went, we opted for one we could actually book and that actually existed!

We’ve also decided to go somewhere spectacular next year, we want sun, white sand and crystal clear water and preferably our own private beach. I hear Tobago is nice 🙂

Both Gem and I have been to quite a few places now so we wanted to push to boat out a bit next year – will keep thee posted on that one 🙂

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