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Tidying up my online life

It dawned on me a few weeks ago, that i have far too much junk littered about the internet. I set things up, forget about them, and then set some more shit up – and its gotten to the stage where I’m using a shit load of web-space, and not really doing anything with it.

So i started by pruning my Facebook friends list first – removing anyone who I didn’t actually know, and i was amazed at how many people were on there that id never met, never spoken to and never even heard of!

I’ve also been thinking a lot about who i am on the internet, or more like – what I’m referred to.

I want to standardise my “Handles” on the internet, but do i choose Olly, or olstar?

Here’s what’s standing in my way;

Twitter – I love twitter, and despite not using it that much over the last few weeks i still love using it and love how it works etc. However, I’ve had to create a new “persona” on there as my usual names were all taken.

I’d love the @olly twitter account as no one actually uses it – I’d even settle for @olstar which is also not used! In fact, nearly all the decent twitter aliases for people with my name are gone, and un-used! I wish the twitter peeps would sort it out and re-release all the inactive and unused names – IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE SORT IT OUT!

Domain Names – Now, for ages i’ve been totally happy with my domain name – i mean, It couldn’t get much better, could it?

Well im afraid it could – thanks to the twitter generation, short domains and url shorteners have become a massive deal and some of them are cool! (haha, see what I did there?) and it got me thinking about my name and my aliases and how I could use a international domain name to spell something cool.

I decided that I needed as it was the shortest and coolest domain name any Olly in the world would be proud to have, so i looked into it and it was owned by a guy called Ollie (yea, obvious i know) However – he didn’t spell his name with a LY he spelt it with an IE…

So I started looking at it from a different perspective – What if I bought, and swapped it with this guy who owned

I contacted him, he agreed – so now i’m trying to secure – and you would not believe the hoops i’m having to jump through to get it!

Decisions, Decisions…

My conclusion is that i need to get everything in one place, on one domain name, and all tied up with cherries on top. Im not too fussed about having all my images and photos on the net – in fact some of them are probably quite damaging to my character, and in all fairness could land me in a lot of trouble.

So do i move everything over to olstar?

Do i pursue my quest to get Or will using a Libyan Domain Name balls up my placement in the UK search results?

Do i quit whining, leave everything on here and just forward my other domains to this one? (safely, of course  ;))

Footnote: I do have – and it would probably make sense to just try and get that twitter name then im sorted.

Ahhh dammit…

3 replies on “Tidying up my online life”

Yeah but do you care if using a libyan domain screws up your SERPs?

After all, this is personal stuff and you don’t necessarily want people searching for Work to land on it by mistake…

Thats a good point mate!

I do get a lot of traffic though, and i do use my blog for some marketing purposes (really?) so i wouldn’t want to fuck things up, but then i also don’t mind a drop in hits cos i’ve taken on a bitchin domain name!

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