Its nearly caddy time

My car insurance runs out on the 28th of this month, and when it does it wont be renewed, neither will my tax which is also due at the end of this month…

No… i will be insuring a soon-to-be-purchased runabout car and the caddy will FINALLY be going in my garage, only to surface for trips to see Neil (Turners Auto Services) and maybe a paintshop at some point – and when its finished of course! Woo!

It feels like such a long time coming – Ive had the car 10 years now and after everything i have been through with it, it’s finally having some proper love, care and most importantly MONEY thrown at it.

I haven’t suddenly come in to money and its not going to be greeted with a garage of parts waiting to go straight on – in fact the only thing i do have for it already is a new set of wings (Thanks Tia!) and that’s it! I do expect the project to take a few years (maybe longer) as i will try and do most of the work myself – calling for help when i really need it (probably daily!)

My first task is to strip it down to as close to a shell as i can manage by myself – and then remove the engine and gearbox and all the junk that associates with that. I must remember to label and photograph the whole experience – not so i can show people, but so i know where everything goes when i need to put it back together!

I will of course post a few pics and updates here and there – probably at insane holes or cracks in places i couldn’t previously see!

This has all of course been made possible to our awesome new house and my awesome new garage!

All i need to do now is find a cheap runabout and im laughin’ like a bag of budgies.

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