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All i lack is concentration

Sometimes i find myself simply unable to concentrate enough to make any headway on work that i have outstanding. Our business is growing, as is our little internal network of people we have – yet after nearly 3 years at it im still as dis-organised as i was when i started.

I often wonder how much more produtive i’d be if i actually planned my days out better.

Can anyone recommend some decent software or something that allows me to manage my time and manage projects efficiently?

All the software i have ever tried is built to help people manage tasks and appointments, but it only works for your typical salesman or something, who’s workload and outstanding jobs can be easily planned out etc – due to the diverse work i do, i can never plan a day out as something will always crop up and knock it all out of sync.

I use a combination of gmail, my blackberry, a page-a-day-diary and a scribble pad. If i could merge the lot into one i would – maybe the answer is with addon software for the ‘berry? Or maybe i just need to hold on to the hope one day google will make the tasks lab feature shareable between users on the same google apps domain – ARE YOU LISTENING GOOGLE?

Anyway, off to try and organise my bitch ass.


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