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Crystal View Windows Nottingham

We were approached by a chap who was working on behalf of Crystalview windows Nottingham – and he had been tasked with getting brochures and flyers made up to spam peoples post boxes with.

Anyway, the first thing he said on the phone was how shit this other company he was dealing with, was. He said they had been left with the stuff for a week and not done any work on it (i now know why!) and were very unprofessional (this is coming from a guy who looked and spoke about as professional as a turd)

He then proceeded to explain to me roughly (VERY roughly) what it is he wanted and gave me a flyer that wouldn’t of looked out of place at the bottom of a trash can. He showed me some login details he had for Synseal as they don’t actually make windows, they just buy them cheap and claim to make them.

And that was it!

He then expected me to design an 8 page brochure (in one day, with NOTHING to work with) send it him, and then print it before the end of the week.

Our printing prices weren’t bad, and i had to put a bit on top as i wasn’t prepared to spend a day doing this for nothing. But he proceeded to tell me our prices were shit, and that he would still go with the brochures as we seemed more professional than this other company. So i knocked him a front page design up using the very limited things i was left with and sent him a lo-res version of the front page.

He then replied with very rude comments, the design was un-imaginative and was only the front page not the whole 8 pages.

I then proceeded to explain that unless i had a deposit i wasn’t prepared to do any more work on it. He spat his dummy out, said how his company will do free designs and that i should – im not a bloody charity – and basically acted like a total child because i wouldn’t bend over backwards and meet his every demand.

Now im all up for customer service, our long-serving customers are more like friends now – but i ain’t nobody’s slave – and if he thinks for a minute im going to rip myself off just to do what he wants me to do – he needs to get his head checked!

Printing is old hat anyway!

So if this chap is anything like the rest of the company, id go with someone like Everseal – their motto is “Choose Professionals” but i think it should read “As long as you dont choose crystal view windows Nottingham its all good”

Crystal view windows Nottingham = steer clear!

He reminded me of that twat of an owner of Il Rosso in Mansfield – he’s a fat fucking oxygen thief too!

Edit – woops, cached in google just below their website! 🙂

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Even though your article is 2009 I still feel resentment towards Crystal View Windows and feel its worth saying you had a narrow escape with them. If you had done any work for them it is unlikely you would have been paid in full.

Did some IT work for Crystal View in 2007 nothing massive about £1500, gave them 30days net as enjoyed by all our clients (and as it was a recommend of someone who new them) however they abused my trust massively. Took 5 months to pay anything, then another 3 months and then another 2 months to get the fihal balance of nearly £500, which was only achieved by telling my friend who had recommended me to them (she is also a top notch credit and finance manager so has teeth). She was appalled when I told her they still had not paid after 10 months and were trying to get out of paying the last £500 saying they had gone from sole trader to limited company so their debts were no more. My friend threatened them with a charging order which some brought a cheque home.

EDIT – Heard they were having major problems, jumped in with new equipment and software and gave them terms up front. All the time I was onsite they were really nice and personable, however as soon as I invoiced them then they tried to stiff me. Would hate to think of actually spending money with them ! No way on earth !

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