New wheels on my caddy!

Work on the caddy is coming along nicely, its literally been about 7 years in the making but im finally starting to see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. I would love for it to be at nationals next weekend but there is SO much to do still.

Anyway, a mate of mine (Big up Dubmodder! aka Paul) took a set of 13″ alloy wheels off a mk3 golf he has ended up with – they were WAY too small for the MK3, but they are perfect for my MK1 caddy! 🙂

My step dad has given me a Autoglym wheel brush thing and at some point this week im going to try and get the pitted brake dust off the wheels – and i recon they will look awesome! They’ve got a nice almost-polished surface under all that muck! 🙂 Honest!

3 replies on “New wheels on my caddy!”

Looks good, but either polish the hell out of them (Audi style) or black/red them.

Black with red rim/Red with black cap? Buggered if I know lol

I think im gonna go for polished, unless they are gonna be too much of a pain..

If so ill just paint them black lke you said..

or maybe red with a black lip?

Hmm how’dya like them apples!

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