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Me and dave have been offering SEO as a service to our customers for well over a year now, and its only really been recently that i have started getting my head round it.

Its so confusing when you start looking into it, there are so many tools, websites and people that claim to be able to help you do this, and get to the top – the fact of the matter is, you will struggle to get to the top unless your site sells those particular keywords to google.

So i would struggle to get to the top of google with this site, for say, debt management – because aside from my ramblings about banks screwing me over there aint anything on this site about debt – so no matter how many links i point here with the keyword debt management is irrelevant.

When we first started the SEO we could of probably been described as black hat, as all we did was buy links from link brokers – AND THAT WAS IT! We soon learnt by our mistakes and slowly but surely we are starting to paint over the black with a nice shade of GREEN.

I say green as apposed to white, because we are trying to get people to the top of google with minimal inbound links, and just purely based on the relevance of the site and its content. And of course by building the site with all the relevant jigsaw pieces required by the search engines.

I’d welcome any pointers in regards software to manage my SEO efforts, and also ways to get decent links that are not frowned upon – as i find it very hard to get in touch with people who have the most relevant websites.

Do you do SEO?

What do you charge?

Do you make any guarantees?

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I wrote loads over at

Site will go down because as you know we’re moving hosts soon, I found the best snippets and slapped them on that site.

#1 I do SEO
#2 Depends what they want, current state of the website (most sites are coded like shit and have nothing that can relate to the standard SEO *gold* such as H1 etc etc)
#3 Never, nor should you. You can state that you will do the best possible, and that it ill never happen overnight, and you cant very well guarantee to be top of google, if 10 people turn around and spend £/$ 10,000 on SEO, well that would leave you screwed.

Best thing to do when a client asks about it is to get 3-5 Keywords//Phrases they want ranking for, and then run a report where they are now. I personally use IBP & Arelis to do this, as its quick, pain free and professional looking.

Also, SEO is a non refundable service. 🙂

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