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Writing the word ‘you’ on a blackberry curve

I know that’s a pretty random title for a blog post, but i have to know if I’m the only fat-fingered person with this problem!

I have had a blackberry curve for about two weeks and i totally love it. It does everything i need and more, and up until now its only crashed once and dropped once – and no other issues, except for this…

I cant write the word you in a text or email without catching the trackball thing with my thumb and messing the word up so the u somehow ends up after the cursor, not behind it on the end of yo.

Its most annoying, and i would love to know if its just me and my fat fingers that are having this problem.

Peace peace!

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Maybe it’s because the device makes use of a keyboard with keys that are no more than 5mm across. Who do they expect to be using these things? Super intelligent, business minded infants!?

Physical keyboards on devices are on the way out. The dynamic nature of the touch screen will usher out keyboards once and for all. Viva la Revolution!!!

I don’t have this problem.

I am writing from my curve now:

You you you you you you you you you.

Nope, can type it real fast with no mistakes.

I have small hands I guess…

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