WordPress and my Blackberry

I have been toying with various applications for the blackberry curve 8900 that we got a few months ago, most without much success! It seems that most applications give me a tunnel error or some other kind of connection error that stops them from working. This seems to be the case with all twitter blackberry […]

Writing the word ‘you’ on a blackberry curve

I know that’s a pretty random title for a blog post, but i have to know if I’m the only fat-fingered person with this problem! I have had a blackberry curve for about two weeks and i totally love it. It does everything i need and more, and up until now its only crashed once […]

My Email Migration Journey

Everyone has email. Some people access it via a blackberry, iphone/iphone 3g or other internet capable mobile phone, some people use outlook, thunderbird or one of the other desktop email clients. Then there are those of us who use things like gmail, hotmail so that you can access your mail easily anywhere in the world. […]