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WordPress and my Blackberry

I have been toying with various applications for the blackberry curve 8900 that we got a few months ago, most without much success!

It seems that most applications give me a tunnel error or some other kind of connection error that stops them from working. This seems to be the case with all twitter blackberry apps except twitterberry – which is a bit poo anyway.

I installed the wordpress application as I thought it would help me make better use of my days as I would be able to blog from anywhere I could get a phone signal. Alas, this was not the case.

I was just getting errors about connections and shit again – so the wordpress for blackberry app was left gathering dust on my phone.

This morning I decided to have a play with it again, as soon as I opened it, it informed me of an update – downloaded that and bingo!

I am writing this on my blackberry as I’m sat on the toilet haha 🙂

There’s no stopping me now!

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