Passing Keywords through 301 Redirects

As you can probably see, I have recently changed the domain name for my blog to a shiny new short one – that contains only my name, and actually has a O not a zero, so I will hopefully have a better chance of ranking for my own name now 🙂 Anyway, before i changed […]

ProAction Camera Systems

We’ve been working hard with a company in Nottingham who are expanding into the Online Market for Action Camera systems for Cars, Bikes, Surfers, Snowboard nuts and everything inbetween. They stock camera systems to suit every need, from helmet camera systems, motorsport cameras right through to underwater cameras – all in stock and available for […]

Search engine optimisation

Me and dave have been offering SEO as a service to our customers for well over a year now, and its only really been recently that i have started getting my head round it. Its so confusing when you start looking into it, there are so many tools, websites and people that claim to be […]

Making my blog more social?

To many people the internet is still something to be wary about, a huge thing that only nerds and rocket scientists can understand, although to many of us its familiar, useful and in many ways our home-from-home. I have been using the internet for personal and business-y related stuff for 12 years now – and […]