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Making my blog more social?

To many people the internet is still something to be wary about, a huge thing that only nerds and rocket scientists can understand, although to many of us its familiar, useful and in many ways our home-from-home.

I have been using the internet for personal and business-y related stuff for 12 years now – and for most of that time i have had some form of making-my-blog-more-socialwebsite or blog. However, it is only the last few years that i have started to truly understand the potential there is to be had from a highly ranked long-standing website.

So i have decided to start making my blog more visable to the world in an attempt to spread my very limited knowledge just that little bit further.

The last few months has seen me dive in to the world of twitter head first, and to be honest its the only social networking site i have ever really liked! And i have recently picked up the slack in regards blogging about stuff. I had really died down with it due to other work commitments.

I dont particularly want to use the sidebar widgets that my mate wiggy uses – he gets a lot of traffic and comments from them, but in order to get this traffic he has to browse sites and do stuff in return and i am a busy guy so allocating time to do that is harder than you might imagine.

So i have decided to use the power of wordpress and its huge plugin database to help make my blog more social.

Im using twitpress which posts a message to my twitter page every time i add a new blog entry (dont worry i dont blog that often) Its something i try and do now and then anyway, so having a plugin do it for me automatically is just a bonus really!

I am also going to give my blog an overhaul using the thesis framework as it is something i have bought recenlty and have been using for a while – and i love it!

Once i have the design out the way i’m also gonna look at other subtle ways to get my blog noticed a bit more on the internet.

If anyone has any ideas then feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

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I’ve recently added social bookmarking links (digg, delicious etc.) to each of my posts on in an attempt to do this and by the looks of things it’s hugely effective. I’ve nearly doubled the number of unique views for April in just a few days. I’ll give you the link to the plugin tomorrow.


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