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ProAction Camera Systems

We’ve been working hard with a company in Nottingham who are expanding into the Online Market for Action Camera systems for Cars, Bikes, Surfers, Snowboard nuts and everything inbetween. They stock camera systems to suit every need, from helmet camera systems, motorsport cameras right through to underwater cameras – all in stock and available for delivery via UPS.

Its a very competitive market, especially online – so we’ve waved the magic SEO wand over their site and made it as search engine friendly as possible. We’ve analyised the market, looked for what people search for, checked the competitors and what we’ve come up with, is

What they wanted to achieve is something in-between the camera sites out there at the moment, cover both the branded stuff (GoPro Cameras, Contour HD Cameras) right through to the unbranded Chinese camera systems that allow there to be a package suitable for every budget.

We’re hoping that the site will do really well in the SERP’s, and despite being unfinished (IE Stylesheet, a few other bits) its already looking like its gonna make a mark on the Action Cameras industry!

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