Lifes too short

Don’t worry – no one has died.

I went out last night to the town mill for a DE*10*SHUN drum and bass night – it was epic, however that’s not what this blog post is about.

I bumped into an old friend who i used to live near when i was growing up, someone  went to school with, someone i used to get on with quite well.

Over the years i have talked about this friend and the situation that caused us all to end our 20+ year friendship (here, here, here, here and here and probably elsewhere) and despite looking back on this story and regretting some of the things i blogged about (shame i didn’t listen to one of the blog comments from Stu which was written in the same frame of mind I’m in now!) i have for 3 years still felt very bitter about the whole thing.

I lost some great friends over some T-Shirts!!!!!!

Anyway, i spoke to this friend for a bit and i wanted him to know how i felt about it all, that i felt awful every time i saw him in passing and that regardless of everything i didn’t want any bad blood between us all. Thankfully he agreed!

He mentioned that there were things we could of all done (including himself) that could of made that situation different. He said that both of them (another chap was involved) felt the same – that it was all blown up out of proportion and that everyone involved had regrets about their involvement (or lack of it)

One thing he said that made me feel a bit better about it all, was that certain things have worked out for the better as a result of the whole thing, i’m not sure what has got better for him as a result of it, but i suppose me and dave have gone on to do well and maybe that wouldn’t of happened if this saga had never taken place.

We parted ways with a handshake, a smile, and (for me) a sense of closure – in parts – to this hefty burden I’ve been carrying for 3 years of my life.

I hope the other dude involved hears about this and makes some attempt to get in touch. I know things could never be the same, but just knowing that it is finally behind everyone would be a great feeling.

If you are at war with someone over something stupid, then ring them, get in touch, and make your peace.

Life’s too short for petty squabbles.

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3 Years ago you spoke the truth man…

And the air is clearer, not cleared 🙂

But it feels great to of actually sorted some of it out!

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