Christmas Eve-Eve

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and i just cant believe how fast it has come round. Thankfully this year i’ve had Gemma to help me with most (well, all) of it apart from the gifts for her of course. She’s sorted everyone’s gifts out, delivered them and sent out cards etc – what would i do without her, eh?

All that is left now is to tie up loose ends at work and prepare for the office closing down over the holiday period.

We’re breaking up today, and coming back on the 4th January 2010.

It feels weird saying 2010. When it was 2009 we could say “oh nine” and when it was 2008 we could say “oh eight” but what about 2010? Do we just say “ten” ? Or do i have to call it “twenty ten?”

Its all crazy.

Anyway – this is me signing off – ttfn, see you next year!

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