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Links from relative websites for SEO

Dave and i have been spending a lot of time reading up about SEO and how to build effective links campaigns. We read stuff all the time, many of the things you see on the internet conflict with other things you read, but once you’ve read enough and tried and tested some of the ideas you get a good idea what to do.

Anyway, the point of this blog post is talk about how google knows if a website you have a link on is in fact a relevant site or not. The reason im talking about this is because we have a “Top Sites” website for the cruise scene  (the modified car cruising scene) and it links to some of the top sites in the scene, and they link back. You all know the ones im talking about! The site has been running for ages, and it has built up a PR2 and as it stands its a pretty decent site to stick a couple of links on to one of our automotive SEO clients.

As i was adding the link, i noticed the google ads displayed pretty much nothing about cars, and just stuff about caribbean cruises. The domain name and the majority of the content relates to something called cruising and the adwords filter and picked out ads for boat cruises. I guess in a lot of ways its right, but then in the actual sense of the word its not. So does google think its relevant, or not?

I guess there aren’t many “cruise sites” that would advertise using google, and i dont suppose that many of the car related ads on there have been set to trigger when the word cruise is picked up. If there were some then i guess they would get picked up and used on this particular site, but surely the google filters could figure its relevant content anyway and still display relevant ads?

I guess much of what google knows is down to what people search for on google its self. So if a word takes on a new meaning then people will be blogging and searching for it so google learns about it and hey presto.

Im still unsure as to wether or not a link off there will benefit or not, but i guess like publicity – any links a good link (unless iton a site about pr0n or vhagrah. 🙂

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