Time slows for no man

I think most people have the same problem as me, in that they dont have enough time in the day to do the things they want (or need) to do.

My days are currently structured a bit dodgy as i cant leave the house till about 10am, as we dont like to leave ms bon chops by her self for too long. This means i dont arrive into work until about 10:30/10:45, which is fairly late in the day to be starting work!

Since the start of the new year dave and I have started going to the gym every day, around 2pm – but this means that i get to work about 10:45, and im leaving again at 2! Thats only 3 hours! The original plan was to come back to work about 4 then carry on working till about 7 or 8.

Unfortunately due to transport and stuff i haven’t been staying till 7 or 8, ive been going home earlier with the intention of starting work again when i get home, but this hasn’t always been the case.

As of monday i am properly structuring my days, and im gonna start work at9:00am every morning at home, then leave at 10 like normal.

The extra hour in the morning means i can reply to any emails that ive received overnight, and then when i eventually get in the office i can crack on with the work i need to do, and dont have to spend the time replying to emails etc.

We have a lot of work in the pipeline, which is good – but im never gonna be able to achieve my targets if i dont start managing my time better!

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