Training Regime

Most people start the new year with a resolution, and dont stick to it (mostly) I made one to go to the gym a lot and get fit – as i was out of shape, overweight and feeling pretty bummed out becasue of it.

A friend of mine mentioned he went to the same gym and said he would come with me and dave lunch time every day and help us train. 

Well its now febuary and i have been at least 5 days a week every week since the new year, sometimes 6 and even sometimes 7 days! I actually enjoy going as it gives me a chance to push myself and sweat and use my body, instead of just letting it rot away.

I was getting very worried about the state of my health as i got out of breath very quickly and i just basically felt very unfit and unwell. Since starting at the gym my stamina and overall fitness has improved immensly. I can run pretty fast for 10 mins on the running machine and not really be out of breath – before i was totally nackered after 5 minutes.

Im also doing some weight training which im improving in very quickly. I seem to be moving up a weight every time i go.

As well as working my ass off at the gym im also eating a lot better – home cooked food, nothing fried, healthy breakfast and good healthy meals later on in the day. Im also drinking protien shakes to help repair my muscles after training. I cant have them during meals i have to use them as a kind of meal replacement else ill put too much muscle mass on and it wont seem like im losing weight at all.

Anyway, i feel much better in myself – much stronger and much, much healthier. Gemma has been going too and she has commented on how much better she feels now.

Its crazy how much better you feel about yourself when you know you are doing something to keep yourself healthy.

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